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PDOS Roadmap

Participatory Democracy Operating System roadmap is a challenging one to be planning, and not expecting changes to it prior to beta release or after beta release. You can see features of Phase-I & Phase-II under features menu. Rest of the phases for features and scheme inclusions are listed below. Please remember though that specfic scheme inclusions are always changing due to one or other reasons - but one scheme inclusion per quarter is minimum we are planning; and yes, considering many schemes it will take years if not decades to complete. Our goal is to include based on 80-20 rule, applying on fund allocation - to not miss heavily funded Government schemes.


Major feature addition will be data for 16th Parliament MPLADS Fund allocation and work requests. Durable assets gallery of work completed during 15th Parliament beginning with 1993, if available. Detail Phase THREE roadmap provide more information.

Phase FOUR

Focus on Citizen surveys, ranking and other features concerning connectivities to Member of Legislative Assemblies for selected states. Ranking engine implementation. Detail Phase THREE roadmap provide more information.

Phase FIVE

Feature set for subscription based customers like News & Media organization. Bringing news across the globe to MP Digital Desks for easier access. More scheme implementations will be available under Phase FIVE sub phase implementations.

Phase SIX

Bringing all Members of Legislative Assemblies from across States in India, including UT. Connecting Councilors of large Municipal Corporations across India. Detail roadmap document provides more information on each phase.

Checkout what's coming in our Phase ONE (Beta) release and provide feedback

Phase THREE puts more emphasis on stabilization of earlier Phases, in addition to bringing more functionality and features for PDOS users.

Work is underway to add 16th Parliament MPLADS activity with PDOS MPLADS Dashboards. We are also beginning our work for few MPs of Gujarat for creating galleries of work completed under MPLADS. Adding more and more roles to existing system with role specific customized information for Political Parties & State Nodal's - giving them unique view of MPLADS activity at Party & State level respectively.

In parallel to our Phase ONE & Phase TWO work - we are starting to download and analyze MPLADS work done under 14th Parliament by Nodal districts.

Phase THREE will help us move from Beta phases to Release mode for earlier two phases.

Training to users across the country will continue during Phase THREE implementation cycle.

Performance measurement, Surveys by Citizens/MPs/MLAs and much more. Phase FOUR is all about measurements across PDOS.

Ability for Citizens to rank their MPs/MLAs/Councilors and Gram Panchayat officials. Maximum weightage is given on measurement engines for Phase FOUR release.

Secure messaging for users across India. More MPLADS data from across India are added during this phase, with completion of inclusion on all Members of Parliament - Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha, nominated as well as elected.

Improving quality of code, performance improvement and other changes to all earlier released Phases.

PDOS Funding

It is a completely self funded project, until the first BETA release of PDOS. Without funding it will be difficult to continue delivering more phases with so much information, though not impossible but a difficult task to tackle.

Immediately after our first BETA release, we are seeking crowdfunding and our hope is that we will receive a good response to our requests. We are currently working on how much money we need in order to support Citizens across India.

Our goal is to include maximum colleges across Gujarat for PDOS development efforts at no cost to Students; thereby contributing to Nation building and reducing cost of development.