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Participatory Democracy Operating System PDOS

PDOS enables direct interaction and collaboration with Citizens, MP's, MLA's, Municipal Councilors and many that are involved with the day to day Governance. All schemes are covered.

Citizens love it

Interaction and collaboration with elected officials for all schemes beginning with MPLADS. One click access to all Parliamentarians for direct feedback. Schemes related to health & sports are next in line for real-time dashboards.

PDOS & Government

PDOS provides unique governance model; never released by any Government in any Nation; a handy master tool that provides direct participation and contribution. Social audits bring life to all scheme implementations.

First ever-> PDOS-> Participatory Democracy Operating System


We took near real-time dashboards on MPLADS as our first task during the development of PDOS (Participatory Democracy Operating System). Our intent is to cover as many schemes as possible to promote active participation from Citizens, MPs, MLAs, Councilors and Gram Panchayat officials. Utilizing the maximum potential of our Citizens across India and abroad for the betterment of Citizen services.

Bhakti.TV Research while working with Last semester students of Technology University in Gujarat implemented the concept of Participatory Democracy Operating System. From concept to implementation is Made in INDIA, by young & energetic Active Indian Citizens. PDOS is a result of active research in the areas of scheme implementation across INDIA.

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PDOS focuses first and foremost on MPLADS - Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme real-time dashboards for MPs, MLAs, Councilors and Citizens across India. Providing information in as real-time as possible to MPs and concerned Governing officers for better Governance. A unique model, that brings Participation from across the country by Active Citizens on all Government run schemes.

Participatory democracy is a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems. Etymological roots of democracy (Greek demos and kratos) imply that the people are in power and thus that all democracies are participatory. However, participatory democracy tends to advocate more involved forms of citizen participation and greater political representation than traditional representative democracy.

Participatory Democracy Operating System is being built by a Private Independent Company. We are NOT related to Government in any way. We are always hopeful and relentless in our effort to ask support from the Central Government, State Governments, Political Party officials and others involved in the implementation of the schemes for the benefit of Citizens. If you have any further questions, please do send an email to tap@pdos.in and We are happy to provide more information.

OGD India

Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India is our key resource in providing PDOS to Indian Citizens. We constantly provide feedback on OGD India for better dataset sharing.

Scheme Implementations

Extraction and analysis on scheme implementation data with active participation from Citizens, MPs, MLAs, Councilors & Gram Panchayat.


PDOS is a Result of a two and half years of Research in Scheme implementations across India, especially with MPLADS.

Our Supporters

Support from individuals & companies on voluntary work.